My Personal and Professional Dedication

The beauty and resilience of our world, the human cost of poverty, the hope for compassion and the evident societal yearning to nurture talent and to care for the less fortunate (without being patronising, paternalistic or abdicating personal responsibility) together, fuel my passion for life and work. They shape my commitment to be one of the people steping forward to engage with our world's most challenging questions.

So, acutely aware of the pressing need for individual and collective endeavour, I am committed to seek out and enable improving opportunities for development.  I do this through my involvement in education, my committment to adult learning, my involvement with developmental projects and my work as a coach and mentor.

In my personal and professional life, I am committed to working with those who are concerned about the way we live and work today and want to improve it. Faced with many helpful questions and shared challenges, I walk with the encouragers: I support the adoption of intelligent and sustainable design; I engage with those that embrace humanity in technology; I am aligned with those seeking institutional adaptation and change; I stand with those seeking to enable opportunities for healthier living, better learning and stronger social and relational engagement; I claim my place in offering to be of support to the more challenged and disadvantaged amongst us.

Assisting groups, teams and organisations to strengthen leadership at all levels, matters to me. Helping to build  business and societal connections into networks that are accountable to the communities that they serve, is my personal and professional dedication and my continuing commitment to the future.

My Work & Professional Experience

I am a founder and director of Quilibra and an Associate of Ashridge. Our mission at Quilibra is to strengthen the way leaders, teams and organisations engage with each other. We support them if they want to address the most demanding and difficult challenges they face. My work at Ashridge encompasses consulting, facilitation of learning activities and coaching.

Over 25 years working as a manager, leader, developmental worker and organisational consultant, I have had the opportunities to develop work with and through many challenges personally and professionally, with others as a co-worker and advisor, and a father and friend. Professionally, my focus is on being a skilled and effective coach, mentor and advisor. I have used my experience, skills and commitment in support of many public and private organisations in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, helping them to address People Development, Policy, Organisation or Economic Development issues.

I am educated in international relations, business, occupational psychology, politics and economics.

I started my professional working career as a manager with Unilever in the UK. I went on to work as a management consultant with Deloitte, Haskins and Sells, and Coopers & Lybrand, before joining Ashridge Consulting Ltd. I have also had the opportunity during my career – to step out of the commercial world into the developmental and humanitarian world at international and local levels. I have worked as a Director of a local health and education NGO in Africa and more latterly a deputy secretary general in support of an international worldwide health federation headquartered in Switzerland. These experiences have been rich sources of friendship and valuable insights and lessons in living and leading.

These dedications and experiences are snapshots that make up my life's collage. They provide my motivation. They are the opportunity, the daily hope, that  enable me, lightly, with humility, initiative and good humour, to continue to seek to make the richnesses I have enjoyed, available in any small and (hopefully) significant way to those with whom I live and work.

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