Publication of new book: Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation

Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation: How to Help Individuals and Organizations Flourish, is a new book edited by Liz Hall with a variety of contributors ranging from expert coaching practitioners to academics and researchers.

This book is an important and practical text that encourages its readers to question the view that coaching is a practice for solely "fair weather times". It begins by exploring definitions of 'crisis', and includes insights on:

  • Adapting to change and finding opportunity in crisis
  • What neuroscience tells us about our reactions to change
  • Transformative coaching & Change Models
  • Supporting organisations in crisis
  • How coaching and mentoring can act as preventative measures against crises, and
  • A chapter from The Leadership Shadow authors Dr Anthony Kasozi and Prof Erik de Haan entitled "Leaders in Crisis: Attending to the Shadow Side".

Above all, Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation aims to equip coaches, managers and leaders to be able to better respond to contexts of great challenge and crisis. Hall says, "We need strategies for the toughest of climates...and if we can coach a client through the processes of crisis, transition and transformation they’re more likely to emerge more resilient, resourceful and aware than before."

Published on 3rd October, the book is now available for purchase here.

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