Leaders: Working In and With Uncertainty, Beyond Comfort Zones - While Being Aware of "Boundaries"

Leaders: Working In and With Uncertainty, Beyond Comfort Zones - While Being Aware of "Boundaries"

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If you manage or lead others and are in Budapest you may be interested to attend this workshop (on 7 June 2018) - Leaders: Working In and With Uncertainty, Beyond Comfort Zones and While Being Aware of "Boundaries"

4 years ago, when my colleague Erik de Haan and I wrote the book the "The Leadership Shadow"  we dealt with the theme of how leaders, that work at the boundaries of routine and certainty, face significant challenge and often have to work against established norms. We observed that for many leaders, "doing this well" and not over-stepping the "mark" was difficult,  even for the most seasoned and experienced.

We believed that leaders that "knew" themselves,  and who were familiar with their "shadows"  fared better than those that were less aware. Yet few could say they had never been tempted into false confidence,  even hubris, particularly when everyone around them was saying how great they were. 

Since "The Leadership Shadow" was published we have had much evidence in public, corporate and political life relating to the points we raised.

As coaches and organisational development consultants we have worked with managers in uncertainty,  grappling with the challenge of working beyond their comfort zones. We have helped them as they have sought to cross boundaries, to be effective, with integrity and engaged appreciation of new contextual imperatives that they may have previously simply been unaware of.

We also learned that it is essential for managers and leaders to share their experiences and to learn from each other. So I'm looking forward to doing this, continuing to address these themes with Managers in Budapest at this workshop organisaed by Coaching without Borders.

This event will be a good opportunity to work with managers' and leaders' current experiences. We will

  • explore together the new challenges the fast changing contexts they face may be placing on them
  • look at look at the practical options they have - how they can remain engaged and effective, while avoiding the worst aspects of their situations. 
  • consider what to do to avoid being overwhelmed by wide uncertainty or being disempowered by narrow routine.

For more information about the Budapest event for coaches,  leaders and managers,  please get in touch with Judit Ábri - Coaching without Borders at www.coachinghataroknelkul.hu 

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