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I encourage those who want to "come together" to create new and more productive conversations with "each other " and with "others".

I support dialogue that brings enabling difference and perspective into the "unventilated" corners of our collective thinking and the "narrowed"  niches of our organisational living...

My convening work involves "thinking and working together" to create conversations that enable:

  • Deepening connection, meaning, friendship and relationship - working across real and imagined separations and boundaries (professional, social, financial, cultural etc)

  • Shifting patterns and changing conversations, to engage with and to address the challenges we individually or collectively face

  • Supporting personal and organisational learning, discovery and curiosity. Rediscovering the joy of engaging and working together. Finding the "mysterious" creativity of shared inquiry and action.

  • Enquiring into and living with the facts – and finding the opportunity and "kindness" hidden in them - however challenging that may first appear

  • Helping to build and then to support and to sustain - professional, and relational interactions and learning. Working more effectively with peers and colleagues

  • Supporting personal and organisational recovery – finding perspective – rediscovering hope - finding new beginnings – making transitions - creating new shared futures

  • Working with and in personal ways that are effective systemically - enabling personal and organisational transformation

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Connecting beyond our own corners of life and niches of understanding is now a survival imperative...

The complexities that we face challenge us to be more open minded and questioning of convention. We have to learn how best to stay simultaneously detached and engaged when confronted with strong persuasion and comment. We have to be willing  and skilled at working with others from diverse intellectual and social backgrounds, varying traditions, disciplines and professions and differing perspectives.

We face difficult problems and complex challenges that can not be solved in isolation. In addition to being knowledgeable technicians we also need to be effective convenors - engaging and working in trust enhancing ways.

My work as facilitator and convenor has developed through working with clients that are conscious of these needs. I design ways of enabling "real" or "difficult" conversations to take place "well". I act in support: engaged but with "detachment" and non partisan in facilitation. If invited and only when "helpful" I may offer perspective and comment  often as a contrast and mirror to "niched", "fragmented" and "graceless" interactions.

In our over-busy, over-scheduled, "always-on" ways of living, we are re-discovering how to find time, space  and places to reflect and think well and creatively together...