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I educate through the way I tutor, coach, support, challenge, mentor and encourage people working in changing sectors, organisations and teams.

I support people to develop or transform the way they live, learn, lead, engage and work...

My educational work focuses on deepening self-awareness and understanding the impact of our own patterns of behaviour on others. I provide a variety of learning and educational interventions that:

  • are adapted to and can be tailored around diverse learners’ needs, styles, situations and resources.
  • help learners’ facing change and transition – helping them to cope and work effectively with the realities and challenges confronting them - enabling them to discover ways to work with the unfamiliar, the uncertain, the complicated and the difficult
  • enable learners from different backgrounds and working cultures to learn together – interacting and exchanging perspectives, knowledge and skills and engaging with each other in safety, confidence, openness, and curiosity
  • help challenged, over busy, pressurised people working in organisations and communities at all levels - to set aside time to engage with efficient focused development activities – and to attend to their own oft neglected developmental needs, growth aspirations, and changing needs
  • accompanying people one to one and in small groups as they face the challenging brute realities of professional, organisational and life circumstance – supporting them to discover effective ways to live and learn well enough to navigate the difficulties they are facing and to begin to recreate new futures where possible
  • offer skilled and senior academics and professionals the opportunity for carefully facilitated,  mutually supportive peer learning and sharing of worthwhile and informed understanding, insights, knowledge, ideas and experiences – through carefully designed learning conversations, discussions, teaching sessions, retreats and writings

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In our fast changing digitally connected and delicately tuned social and ecological world, our education has to be continuing and lifelong....

I am interested in how lessons being learned get transfered to, and become routinely expressed, in actual practice.

I work hard to support those I work with to engage with or create their own culturally and organisationally adapted, effective and ongoing feedback mechanisms.

I design, support and facilitate feedback activities between learners and those they work with, and between leaders and those in governance and those people they lead, oversee or serve.

Education cannot simply be about knowledge - it also has to be about self-awareness, making sense of challenges, adapting our skills and evolving social, cultural and professional etiquette.


I work one-to-one and in learning groups educating and supporting learning development and change with people in business, social and humanitarian action, international organisations and academic institutions.