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I work with people who want to learn more about what helps them when they face uncertainty, conflict, challenge or change.

I help them to develop their inquiry and reflective practices and to work on their social and interactive skills.  I work with them to be more self aware and effective when working with others from different backgrounds, competing interests or simply different cultural and organisational perspectives. 

In my independent work through Quilibra and with partners - I research, design, develop, facilitate and deliver learning interventions and programmes for individuals teams and organisations. I am interested in how skilled specialists learn and interact, working together effectively in high-pressure or high-stakes conditions and when tackling difficult topics.

Here are some possible ways that I may be able to work and support you in your learning - if you are open to inquiry and possibility!

Leading Yourself and Others in Transition

  • If you are reflecting on your own learning needs and possible future directions and would like to draw on the skills and experiences of others who have successfully addressed similar questions, you may be interested in the learning processes and groups we facilitate

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    Designing and Facilitating Group and Community

    • If you work in social, community or developmental environments you may be interested to develop further your dialogue and consultative/facilitation skills and your ability to design interactive dynamic processes that skilfully bring together diverse populations to think and work innovatively together

    Supporting Individuals and Organisations to Develop and Learn

    • If you are a learning and development consultant or advisor you may be interested in learning about designing and facilitating effective change in transitional programs in commercial or non-commercial apartments that are facing complex, dynamic and uncertain contextual developments

    Developing Yourself as a Coach / Mentor

    • If you are an executive coach mentor you may be interested in developing your own practice and abilities to work with different  approaches using a variety of interventions and taking account of different client context, cultural background and expectations and philosophical/methodological preferences

    Leading and Managing as a Scientist and Specialist

    • If you are an academic, scientist or other specialist professional you may be interested in some of the programmes we have designed specifically for international managers in development and for skilled researchers and academics in science.