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No glib guarantees. Only the promise to disturb any sense of entitlement, comfort, unwarranted superiority, hidden mediocrity or prejudice...

I have personally benefited tremendously from receiving useful, timely, challenging and life changing mentoring. On reflection, I can see that most of it was informal, possibly unintended and entirely episodic in nature. 

As a coach and mentor to many people myself over the last 20 years, I have learnt that the best, most useful mentoring is carefully matched, properly contracted, and purposefully engaged with.

While offering no guarantees regarding personal or career outcome, I aim for my mentoring to:

  • be present when most needed
  • respectfully disturb any sense of entitlement, unacknowledged mediocrity, prejudicial assumption and premature comfort
  • appropriately relational – growing and transforming both mentor and mentee,
  • seek to open up opportunities and possibilities – transforming awareness of self and possible prospects.

I work with coaches, consultants, senior leaders and professionals as a coach and mentor. I draw on my experience, study and developed skills and processes to engage with you offering formal and informal coaching mentoring, individually or in groups  to coach.

I also use mentoring to accompany and support:

  • younger managers, leaders, coaches and consultants seeking to be more effective supervisors and/or mentors 
  • individuals who have suffered a significant professional or personal "setback" or are facing potentially limiting challenges and problems in their personal lives or professional roles

If you want to explore different approaches and interventions available for you to learn, adapt to, or to adopt - please feel free to get in touch!