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The value that I and others have gained from "stopping to reflect on practice" has led me to appreciate, participate and now to facilitate, Retreats...

Retreats are often of interest to learners who are anticipating or going through multiple transitions. Typically transitions lead us to want to examine methodically, and with deeper dedication, what matters to us at our stage of development life or experience.

This is typically against a background of challenging circumstances - making us question what we are contending with; what we value and would like to nurture; or what we are "missing" or not attending well enough to.

For a number of years I have set aside dedicated time and attention every day, week, month and year to "retreat" from the toing and froing of every day "busy-ness" . I have done this to "re-engage" my awareness and to "re-align" my intentions with my practice. These moments help me to recover my sense of purpose - to notice insights that may be hidden within the experiences that I am facing, and appreciating afresh a world that is changing as I am living in it... Now. 

In "solitude" I have learnt to sense my deepest desires. With "community" I am learning to find and to connect with my own as well as our shared purposes. The two together, offer the possibility of deepening life's meaning - possibly even bringing new fulfilment and joy.

From time to time I offer support to others interested in developing this dedication to reflective practice.

    Dates of and locations my next open Retreats:

    • 1st - 2nd November 2019 - London (Personal Closed Retreat)

    • 2020 Dates to Follow (Get in touch to enquire)


    Open Retreats - What do they typically involve?

    One Day Retreat- Focus: Reality and Presence

    A dedicated and skilfully guided time to think and reflect (individually or with others) - allowing you to dedicate high quality space and time for reflecting (and sharing) on where you are at - here and now:

    • What matters?
    • What I (want to) give
    • Living, doing and being with others
    • Story(ies) 
    • Energies, intentions and practices
    • Themes, dedications and next steps

    Three Day Retreat -Focus:  Practice, Process and Preparation

    A dedicated and gently accompanied time - that brings together your reflections on what you care about and reasonably desire or need to create. This retreat offers the the possibility of high quality reflection that can deepen resolve, clarify practice and reinvigorate dedication to supporting process

    • Space, time attention and energy
    • Solitude and silence
    • Connecting and communing
    • Values and dedications (desires)
    • Stories and spheres
    • Separation and integration
    • Reflective and meditative practice
    • "Kakati" - Moments and meanings
    • Next steps, new conversations and valued futures

    The paradox of  a busy life lived well is that it is both solitary and communal in good enough measure.