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Your presence here suggests we may have questions or interests in common.

On these pages, you can find out about organisational, personal, or leadership, learning and developmental areas that may be of interest to you.

My african childhood, afro-european education and upbringing, diverse life/work experiences, and learning and development to date, have all led me to personal and organisational development work.

As I work with others, I am challenged to stay open; to tackle new questions; and to engage in conversations and activities that improve and change my practice.

My work now is to accompany those working to address difficult personal and organisational developmental issues.

If you’re one of these people, then you are probably already feeling challenged as you work on taking further the work that you do. You are already asking what to do next: how to work skilfully with differences in perspectives, to enquire into your own practice and behaviour, or to help others develop and change what they do and how they do it.

If so, I hope you find in these pages something of value, interest and help.

I’m always happy to engage with those who in the face of challenge, opportunity or setback are still inclined to keep walking: in humility and with humanity. Staying engaged with and in vibrant conversation with each other. Seeking to make each life step an inquiry and a scrutiny. Committed to continue to learn – and then to ACT: with self-awareness and good resolve, aligning informed intention with developing practice.

If this arouses your interest – please read on. If what you then read stimulates a question or a desire to get in touch – please feel free to do so.

My work is to accompany and support those willing to believe that it is possible to lead our own very ordinary lives... extraordinarily well....