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I accompany, support, reflect, write, and work with those willing to believe that it is possible to lead our “very ordinary lives... extraordinarily well....”



The African childhood, afro-european education and upbringing, life/work experiences, and learning from others from diverse backgrounds, have led me to seek inclusive ways to continue to meet, think, learn and create shared futures that we can value together. 


 I write to "reflect" – to capture the essence of lessons and insights of our day to day experience(s). Poems and small thought pieces of prose are intended as "sticky" pieces of writing to stimulate intuition, encourage thinking and support continuing re-education.  Writing and sharing is, just another "introverted" way of thinking aloud, and with others. 



is a way of attending to what really matters. Where useful (and if invited) to offer a variety of perspectives that may inform and helpfully confront tendencies to "fixed patterns and narrowing niches of thinking" – which may feel comforting but can also be ultimately self-limiting.