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I accompany, support, reflect, write, and work with those willing to believe that it is possible to lead our “very ordinary lives... extraordinarily well....”



My African childhood, afro-european education and upbringing, wide-ranging life and work experiences, and learning from others from diverse backgrounds, lead me to want to seek inclusive ways to continue to meet, think, learn and create shared futures that we can value together. 


 I write to "reflect" – to capture the essence of lessons and insights from my day to day experience(s). Fragments of poetry and prose are offered as "sticky" thought-pieces: to stimulate intuition, nurture thinking, intoduce perspective and support continuing re-education.  Writing and sharing is, just another "introverted" way of thinking aloud, and connecting with others. 


The Work...

... that I do is a way of attending to what really matters. When invited, I come alongside as an inquiring and care-full outsider. I connect with what is:  with appreciation, insight and perspective. At its best, our conversation is a sharing of understanding. It may also be an unfolding of ideas; a gathering of insights. 

This is our opportunity to be better informed. To be helpfully confronted. We may then be able to create brave and safe moments where we find the courage to shake ourselves loose of what has become unhelpful. To break the tendencies that fix us to narrow patterns of reductive thinking. This work, that is best done together, helps us to find and create preciously insightful instances: when the joy of learning, seeing afresh and being with each other, make the discomfort of facing this unfamiliar mix of challenge and possibility - strangley welcome and truly worthwhile!