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Thought Pieces

The beauty and resilience of our world, the human cost of poverty, the hope for compassion and the evident societal yearning to nurture talent and to care for the less fortunate (without being patronising, paternalistic or abdicating personal responsibility) together, fuel my passion for life and work.

They shape my commitment to be one of the people stepping forward to engage with our world's most challenging questions – to live this ordinary life…. connecting and working with others… extraordinarily well..


Please explore my thought pieces...

In Recovery – coaching and accompanying leaders (leadership) and their organisations through vulnera

In Recovery – coaching and accompanying leaders (leadership) and their organisations through vulnerable times Masterclass... Read more

5 powerful questions leaders and teams should ask when they are truly lost!

Every now and then even as accomplished leaders and teams we get “lost”. It is not simply that we may face new challenges, it... Read more

Making Sense of Feedback

In many of our learning and development activities in organisations today we can be inundated with large amounts of... Read more

5 reasons managing cannot succeed without coaching

At a recent gathering of senior HR Directors and Learning & Development specialists, a CEO observed that it was increasingly... Read more

Escaping Procrastination - Can I help you enjoy life just a little bit more right now?

It is one of those days...  It hasn't been easy to get going. Energy is low and you are feeling rather delicate and lacking in... Read more

11 Sources of Leadership Energy

Observing the styles, interactions and effectiveness of countless effective leaders have, I notice that the energy to influence... Read more

Coaching in Disenchantment

Coming from the sunny tropics, and visiting dull drizzly London for the first time, my Ghanaian companion was astonished to find... Read more

The Leadership Shadow - What it is and Why it Matters?

The process of taking up a leadership role inevitably involves a ‘rift’ between leader and team, between the leader’s way and... Read more

What "type" of leader am I?

On hearing about the publication of our forth coming book "the leadership shadow” a group of senior executives immediately asked... Read more

A “Leadership Shadow”? – The Importance of Balancing Your Patterns as a Leader

Stepping forward to lead is an “act of separation” Stepping forward and taking on a leading role as an entrepreneur or a senior... Read more