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In 2008 "Quilibra" was set up as a vehicle for the work we do with others (individually and in organisations).  Quilibra exists “to support people to create and maintain healthy, aware, connected and meaningful working lives”.

Our work through Quilibra includes accompanying and supporting individuals through coaching, and retreats and engaging with organisations with people that are seeking to make better sense of their realities and to make space to reflect, think and learn more effectively together. The work we do typically involves:

  • designing, curating and delivering educational and learning activities
  • working with learners to adapt learning & developmental activities to learner needs, cultures, styles, and resources
  • promoting mutual curiosity, openness to discovery, sense wonder and willingness to engage with new insights
  • making space within day-to-day individual and organisational “busyness” to pause, notice, reflect on realities and emerging possibilities

You can find out more about work done through Quilibra here.