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Thoughts, Reflections and Poetry

My writing is my response to the impetus to express experience,  to engage with (and share) meaning, and to inform and enlighten intent. 

My most frequent reflections are on the themes of discovery, contradiction, resolution, resilience and wonder.


The poet in me has evolved as an unplanned endeavour. I have been poetically and literally shaped by my upbringing and reading: The proverbs and fables of the Baganda, Aesops timelessly telling gems; the early writings of Chinua Achebe: Ngugi Wa Thiongo; Okot P. Bitek and Wole Soyinka.

I have also been captivated by: the hauntingly resonant poetry of nature aware poets like Robert Frost, the insightful enigmatic encapsulations mystics like Rumi, and surprisingly propehetic modern muses like Ben Okri.

I am re-educating myself about the curiously synoptic wisdoms hidden in the enigmatic and often unread, and frequently misrepresented, writings in the classics and in the relevant and adaptable parts of the teachings of the major world faiths. 

My poetry is thus an expression and an indulgence.  I include it here as an unpolished - even amateur aid to reflection. 



As a writer, author and speaker I have contributed to a book on coaching and co-authored a book on leadership. I also write reflective poetry, short thought pieces stimulated by the work I do with leaders and teams, and design and write materials for learning programmes and conferences.

Kasozi, A. & De Haan, E. “The Leadership Shadow – how to recognise and avoid derailment hubris and overdrive” published 3 August 2014; Kogan Page: London

Leaders in Crisis in "Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation: How to help individuals and organisations flourish" (Ed.) Liz Hall. Published 3 October 2015; Kogan Page: London

Thought Pieces

The beauty and resilience of our world, the human cost of poverty, the hope for compassion and the evident societal yearning to nurture talent and to care for the less fortunate (without being patronising, paternalistic or abdicating personal responsibility) together, fuel my passion for life and work. They shape my commitment to be one of the people stepping forward to engage with our world's most challenging questions.

The Collection

05 Jun 2020

These Three

20 Mar 2020

And If

23 Jan 2020

Break the Mould

10 Dec 2019

At Dawn

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