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Writing poetry has evolved as an unplanned endeavour.

It has been poetically and literally shaped by a mix of upbringing and reading: The proverbs and fables of the Baganda, Aesop timelessly telling gems; the early writings of Chinua Achebe: Ngugi Wa Thiongo; Okot P. Bitek and Wole Soyinka.


The hauntingly resonant poetry of nature aware poets like Robert Frost, the insightful enigmatic encapsulations mystics like Rumi, and surprisingly prophetic modern muses like Ben Okri have all been captivatingly influential. There is also the ongoing re-educating guidance of ancient and synoptical wisdoms often enigmatic, unread, and misrepresented, hidden in classics, in ancient stories and sayings as well as in the teachings of the major world faiths.


For this scribbler – attempts at poetry are at once an expression and an indulgence. What results is an unpolished - even amateur - aid to connection and for reflection.


Please explore my poetry:

La Paix

These Three

And If

Break the Mould

At Dawn


In Recovery


Show Me

Le Vaud