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La Paix

Is this not a way

To be with those that are unseen

So that they too can live

Not having to choose

Which strong man to please?


Is this not the place

Where we feel the strong grace of the lost

The unheard

Where we discover that doves too

Can fly free

Of olives and branches?


Was this not the hill

Where height signalled width

And breadth

Where commitment remained safely anchored

In our deepest sense of humanity?


Will this be the avenue

We can still walk on peacefully

And together

Where our hearts and your hopes

Will no longer lie separate

Hiding and afraid

Even though we share nests perched

Precariously in the same tree?


Is this not the life

We have shared and shaped this many years

That calls us to love and live on


Even as we descend this rise

And seek an avenue on a hill

Far less known

Yet never forgetting the path - That was La Paix

Where we were taught to be

And learned to become?

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