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Show Me

Show me how to be present 
To give myself
Silently to be there - and to be true
Help me wholly to be my best
Aware of my part right now...
Keeping prayers and dreams alive…
Discovering what is and what can be
Strengthen me to find courage
in ordinary faces and places
Content to live and 
Let life to be its own testimony
Teach me again ....  to play
To be like a child…
To laugh…
And care so deeply…
And have the nerve to show it.
Show me the small practical step, 
To take...
... calmly, with faith
... with humility
Trusting and being thankful 
for all that is provided
Then through power and with grace..
Let me wonder joyfully through life
with friends and letters…
Wincing at history…
More than it were fair for anyone
to experience…
In one short lifetime.

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