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Poetry — All

La Paix

Is this not a way To be with those that are unseen So that they too can live Not having to choose Which... Read more

These Three

Hope wore a grey jumper Bobbled and torn Stretched at the neck  Nondescript,  even dull... Pointing and... Read more

And If

And if In vain indolence This Princeling Believes his ill-gotten Crown   And if This Nave Finds... Read more

Break the Mould

Can you bring me A hate that can be loved A faith that could be shook A hope that can be kept... Can you? Could... Read more

At Dawn

At dusk Puzzled and perplexed Bewildered and hurt Vexed... Do Nought!   At dawn Redeemed by... Read more

After Midnight’s Deeper Sleep

Now. Closer to midnight I fret. Sensing that soon - this search must end There will not again be the... Read more