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Poetry — All


It's a gift, she said. For me... I asked? For you... He replied. From whom, I sighed...? From your friends... Read more

In Recovery

Not knowing how it would be afterwards I didn't have anything planned so being here today is different. I am... Read more


Walk! Barefoot. Discover for yourself the path To life; to consolation Be! Secure. In Redeeming... Read more

The Tram at St Joseph's

The tram at St Joseph Keeps on going… Early in the morning Before you and I Start To late at night… When you and I... Read more

Show Me

Show me how to be present  To give myself Silently to be there - and to be true   Help me wholly to be my... Read more

Le Vaud

Here in the cold warming sunshine the terrain may be steep fog lurking and signalling beckoning back to lower... Read more